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About Us

USA Dance National

Chapter Officers
The chapter officers are members of the board who have specific responsibilities defined by the national organization, the bylaws, and the laws that govern non-profit organizations. The officers are elected annually by the extended board. The 2015 officers are as follows:

  • President - Leland Whitney
  • Vice President - Joyce Thompson
  • Treasurer - Jane Phipps
  • Secretary - Carol Post

Board Members
Board members serve two year terms. Any member can come to an open board meeting as a guest and participate in discussion, but only the board can vote. Board of Directors for 2017 and 2018 are as follows:

  • Bonnie Burton
  • Stephanie Clausen
  • Marla Heisterkamp
  • Gary Stroick
  • Leslie Whitney

Our subcommittees are where the work is done. If you would like to volunteer to be on any of these committees, contact us and tell us which committee you're willing to serve on, or contact the committee chairperson directly. Committee chairpersons do not need to be board members, but must report their activities periodically at monthly board meetings.

  • Communications: Bonnie Burton
  • Hospitality: Open
  • Membership: Lee Whitney, Stephanie Clausen
  • Monthly Social Dances: Joyce Thompson
  • Music/DJ: Joyce Thompson
  • Newsletter Editors: Tom Crable, Bonnie Burton
  • Newsletter Ads: Paul Stachour
  • Special Events: Carol Post
  • Sunday Project Dance: Joyce Thompson
  • USA Dance Demos & Performances: Dan and Yvonne Viehman
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Joyce Thompson
  • Website: Bonnie Burton, Ed Soltis
  • Youth Program: Open
  • Fund Raising: Leland Whitney
  • Ethics Oversight: Gary Stroick

Volunteers are needed for the various programs the chapter is working on, including:

  • Monthly Social Dances - For a successful social dance, we need to: locate an appropriate venue, setup table and chairs, have a DJ for the music, provide information flyers, welcome guests, and cleanup after the event. Volunteers to help with any of these activities are appreciated.
  • Youth Program - Need people that can organize the youth program in schools/studios. Also need qualified instructors to teach the lessons.

If you wish to volunteer for any of these activities, or you have an idea of some other way you can serve the organization, contact us and be sure to mention what activity you would like to get involved in!